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HFA will research and give you the current market value for your art.

Estimating the CMV requires research of the artist and similar work by that artist. This includes previous auction results, estimates of value in upcoming auctions, private sale on the secondary market by collectors, and retail gallery pricing. Many times multiple examples of the exact print are not available at the time of research. Other factors used in considering value are: the desirability of the artist’s work; prints in the same medium; number of prints in the edition; size of the print; and overall desirability of the image. Desirability of the image may be determined by prints of similar subject matter and the availability of the work.

Please submit as much information as possible on the art.

  1. Send as much information on the art, (history, type; etc.)
  2.  Email high resolution jpeg images as attachments with the history/type to: dolly12@aol.com
  3. Include full front and rear images; close ups of the signature, margin edges, and any other writing on or attached to the art.
  4. Include photos of COA’s if available.
  5. Provide your PayPal email for invoicing.


Online Art Appraisal: $40.00.